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Node Error when connecting to Testnet

I followed the initialization for a node to connect to Testnet as described here:
However, it never syncs with it, showing this error:

[2021-02-12 06:22:47] WARN [p2p] Failed to retrieve previously persisted peers
[2021-02-12 06:22:47] INFO [p2p] InboundPeerListener listen routine started, seedPeerOnly set to false
[2021-02-12 06:22:47] INFO [rpc] RPC server started address= port=16888
[2021-02-12 06:22:58] WARN [p2p] Failed to connect to seed peer dial tcp i/o timeout

Do I need to have other ports open apart from 15872??
Also, what is the Testnet explorer??

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