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Develop DApps on Theta

The DApp development process on Theta is akin to that on Ethereum. A developer can use Remix to compile the Solidity source code, and test against the Theta smart contract testnet using our Javascript SDK as described here. After testing, the developer can deploy the contract to the Theta mainnet using either the Theta web wallet or through our Javascript SDK.

We have also provided a Theta wallet Chrome extension for users to interact with the DApps. Its user and developer interfaces are similar to Metamask for Ethereum. Please find its user guide here, and the developer guide here. Please click the links below for more information:

Smart contract support is already enabled on Theta Mainnet, but you can also develop on the Smart Contract Sandbox Testnet first to verify its functionality. If you are doing so and need testnet TFUEL to pay for gas fees, just send us a message at with Theta Hackathon in the title, and your wallet address in the body for us to send TFUEL to. 

Set up Theta Blockchain Nodes

In addtion to the Javascript SDK mentioned above, you can also run a Theta node on your computer and interact with the blockchain directly through the raw RPC APIs. 

Theta Edge Network

the Theta community members host the Theta Edge Nodes, which form the Theta Edge Network, a fully decentralized network for data delivery and more generally edge computing. As of Jan 2021, there are already 7500+ active edge nodes, forming a high performance edge computing and data delivery platform. Please click the links below to learn more:

  • Install and run a Theta Edge Node
  • Theta Edgecast, an DApp running on the Theta Edge Network, capable of delivering livestreams and chat in realtime across the globe without a central server.
  • Theta Edge Compute, where the Theta Edge Network work not only as a data delivery network, but also as a generic edge computing platform.